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Video: Chiefs fan caught throwing snowball at the field

Andy Reid

One Kansas City Chiefs fan was caught throwing a snowball that almost hit an Indianapolis Colts punter during a play in Saturday’s AFC divisional-round playoff game.

Sanchez’s punt went for 43 yards, and Chiefs returner Tyreek Hill lost an additional yard on the play. Even though the snowball did not hit the kicker, it may have surprised or distracted him.

Sometimes when it gets really cold, fans just can’t resist acting out and pulling stunts like that. Hopefully, the man will be caught and removed from the game. Though not dangerous, interfering with a live game does break the rules.

NBC’s sideline reporter Michele Tafoya claimed that Andy Ried, head coach of the Chiefs, was upset at his own fans for throwing anything on the field. No known disciplinary effort was made to remove the man who threw it. It seems as if he might’ve gotten away with poor behavior.

A blizzard-like winter storm in the midwest didn’t stop the two teams from facing off in the second round of the NFL playoffs. On Friday the grounds crew did their best to prepare the field and the stadium despite sub-freezing six inches of snow on the ground all over Kansas City. Despite the weather conditions, many fans fought the traffic and uneasy conditions to come and see the game.

The Kansas City Chiefs had a first-round bye week coming into the playoffs. The Colts topped the Houston Texans by a score of 21-7, sending them into their matchup against Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs.