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Video: Enes Kanter gives referee technical foul after getting hit by ball

Enes Kanter
YouTube/Ximo Pierto

Enes Kanter has a great sense of humor and it was on display Monday night on the road vs. the Bulls.

The Thunder backup center was getting set to shoot free throws when he was unexpectedly hit with the ball by the referee. Kanter cooly tossed the ball back to the ref and then jokingly gave him a technical foul.

Here is a look at the interaction:


Kanter was clearly referencing when Russell Westbrook was given a technical foul after throwing the ball across court and hitting a referee in the head.

Kanter went on to have a dominant performance against Chicago tallying 20 points and 11 rebounds on 9-of-11 shooting as the Thunder rolled over the Bulls, 109-94.

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