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Video: LeBron James, Anthony Davis’ first Lakers connection vs. Warriors

LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Lakers

It didn’t take long for LeBron James to find Anthony Davis for their first fastbreak connection as teammates during the Los Angeles Lakers’ visit to the Golden State Warriors’ new arena in their preseason opener.

Within the first two minutes of the opening quarter, a downhill James spun towards the basket and dropped a pass for Davis who went for the easy two.

Nothing flashy but it still sends a sterling message to Lakers fans that this is actually happening: LeBron James and Anthony Davis are both wearing the purple and gold.

The Lakers are parading what’s arguably the best duo in the league today, which speaks a lot now that the era of Big Threes, Fours, and whatnot seemed to have finally come to an end. This leaves the road to the Larry O’Brien as wide open as it has been in recent memory.

James has openly stated that Davis will be the focal point of Los Angeles’ offense, and for good reasons. The former Kentucky Wildcat is coming off a strong season despite being forcefully limited by the New Orleans Pelicans since his trade request went public.

Davis will be playing without any cuffs now and Lakers fans are going to be treated to more of these two-man work of art with James.