Every once in a while it is understandable for an NBA player to be dropped from a nice move. But, once that player starts to look foolish multiple times, they'll start to be remembered for that—Brandon Knight is a good example of that.

On Friday night, Cory Joseph may have become one of those players.

First, it was Goran Dragic who damaged Joseph's spirit early on in the second quarter.

To be fair to Joseph, all of his momentum was going in the opposite direction that Dragic was heading. Nevertheless, it still didn't look too good for Cory Jo.

That wasn't it for the Toronto Raptor, though. Dwyane Wade decided to enter into the demolition of Joseph's soul.

In the second half, as the third quarter was about to end, Wade hit Cory Joseph with a nasty crossover that left him dazed and confused. He completely lost Wade on the move.

However, Wade wasn't done with Joseph. As the game was coming to an end, and the Miami Heat were about to clinch the game, D-Wade not only put a final dagger into the Raptors, but also a dagger into any dignity that Joseph might have had left.

For the sake of the Raptors moving onto the next round and for the sake of Joseph having any success for the rest of his career, let's hope he gets this night out of his mind soon.

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