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Video: Shaquille O’Neal ties $500 to balloons, lets them fly on his birthday

Tuesday marked the 46th birthday of NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal. That said, he celebrated the momentous day by releasing some balloons in a video he posted on his Twitter account. However, it wasn’t just any regular bunch.

The clip started with the Hall of Famer introducing himself, before saying that he tied $500 on it. He asked for whoever catches it to get back at him while adding the hashtag “Money Balloon Challenge” on his tweet.

It’s unclear what The Diesel has in store for the lucky person who will be $500 richer. O’Neal’s act is a first of its kind and proves further how creative, and how fun-loving his character is off the court — add that to the fact that he’s popular for being a generous person.

During his playing days in the NBA, O’Neal made a name for himself as a force inside the paint and one of the best big men to ever play the game. He dominated the competition during his prime, winning four championships along the way, while being named to the All-Star team 15 times and becoming a 14-time All-NBA Team member, among his long list of awards.

It will be very interesting to find out if O’Neal has a surprise for the person who will get the balloons, as well as knowing how far it will reach. For all we know, it could even land straight on a trash can or a river. Still, O’Neal continues to amaze people with his creative and non-stop ways of giving back — and randomly at that.