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Video: Thunder center Steven Adams running full speed in the hallway is an absolute hazard

Steven Adams

Steven Adams of the Oklahoma City Thunder has a weird pre-game ritual that might be dangerous for those in his way.

Before the game, the seven-foot, 265-lb Adams runs full speed in the hallway putting everyone in sight in harm’s way. Below is a clip of Adams’ ritual complete with commentary by Chris Webber.

The people hanging out in the hallways probably know a thing or two about Adams’ habits. As observed, they were standing safely in the corner as if they were anticipating a freight train about to pass. One might feel that they’re overacting. But Adams has built a reputation as one of the strongest — if not the strongest — player in the league. Jimmy Butler of the Philadelphia 76ers shared his encounter with Adams:

“That m—–f—– is strong. Like, I’m serious,” Philadelphia 76ers star Jimmy Butler said last season, per Royce Young of ESPN. “He hit me with one screen and I thought my life was over.

“He’s from Krypton or something.”

It’s unknown when Adams started this ritual of running along the hallways — all seven-feet of him. Be that as it may, he’s having his best season so far for the Thunder. The 25-year-old is averaging career-highs in points (15.4), rebounds (10), and assists (1.7). So whatever he’s doing this season — no matter how weird or dangerous — he should continue it for its yielding great results.