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Video: Timberwolves release 30 for 30 parody about the time Michael Beasley caressed Anthony Tolliver’s knee

Anthony Tolliver, Michael Beasley

The Minnesota Timberwolves are widely regarded to have the best social media account on Twitter, and they didn’t disappoint with their latest post.

Veteran stretch forward Anthony Tolliver, who is back in Minnesota this season, is part of one of the most epic GIFs of all-time. Back when small forward Michael Beasley was on the Timberwolves, the former No. 2 overall accidentally caressed Tolliver’s knee on the bench, when he was really trying to rub his own.

The hilarious incident was caught on tape, and it’s become one of the most famous GIFs in the history of sports, so much so that the Timberwolves’ Twitter account released a 30-for-30 parody of it on Friday:

This is pure Gold. Beasley and Tolliver both had memorable reactions to the funny moment on the bench. Beasley is now with the Los Angeles Lakers. The Timberwolves tweeted on the video on Thursday because they were taking on the Lakers in Los Angeles. Hopefully, both Tolliver and Beasley were able to see the video and laugh with each other.

Tolliver has appeared in 33 games this season. He’s averaging 4.3 points while shooting 40.7 percent overall and 37.9 percent from beyond the arc.

Beasley, meanwhile, is putting up 7.6 points for the Lakers and shooting 54.5 percent overall.