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Video: Warriors’ Klay Thompson appears to argue the fairest no call ever

Klay Thompson

The Golden State Warriors ripped the New York Knicks apart Tuesday night at home to the tune of a 122-95 score, thanks in large part to Klay Thompson’s pair of scorching hands that’s probably hotter than any overworked semiconductor in Silicon Valley.

Thompson finished the game with 43 points on 18-for-29 shooting from the floor and 7-for-16 from deep.

But the purpose of this piece is to marvel not at Thompson’s explosion but rather at his audacity to argue a particular decision by the referees during the game.

In the third frame of the match, Thompson tried to hoist a shot from deep in the corner, but lost grip of the ball after making Knicks guard Emmanuel Mudiay bite on his fake. Things didn’t go Thompson’s way, as the ball sailed out of bounds and he didn’t get the benefit of a foul call on Mudiay because, of course, there wasn’t any for the refs to blow their whistle.

Most players would not dare question a ref’s judgment on such an obvious self-inflicted mistake, but that’s just not how Thompson lives his life on the court – at least not in this game against the visiting Knickerbockers.

Here’s the shooting guard animatedly protesting whatever he was complaining about.

This is the point where we tell Klay, “What the hell, man. Let’s not bring Secaucus into this.”