OBJ Played A Season On ONE Knee!? ?

When Odell Beckham Jr signed with the LA Rams in the middle of the 2021 season, he was in for a rude awakening when the results of his physicals revealed he tore the ACL on his knee.
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Brock Purdy’s Comparison To TOM BRADY👀
These two have weird similarities
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Miami Was A Little Too HOT for Denver 😅
Imagine an NFL team breaking several records in one game
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Russell Wilson Is Not The PROBLEM In Denver 👀
Sean Payton made a huge mistake before coaching one game with Denver.
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Clutch Picks Sports Betting Podcast Ep 5 - Week 4 NFL Picks
After a 10-6 ATS record in week 3, the "Sheldon Says" season total sits at 32-15-1 ATS overall. The Score's Lead Betting Analyst Matt Russell is back to help break down each and every match up on the NFL Schedule including the Bills and Dolphins offensive explosion and the Ravens and Browns AFC North big boy match up. As always, Sheldon makes a pick and then Matt comes in with the information and education on where the line is, was and where it could be heading into kickoff. Sometimes Matt gets Sheldon to change his pick and other times Sheldon foolishly doesn't listen. Hope you enjoy and take a look below to skip ahead to the game of your choice. LIONS @ PACKERS 3:25 FALCONS @ JAGUARS 10:55 DOLPHINS @ BILLS 17:44 RAVENS @ BROWNS 23:15 PATS @ COWBOYS 30:24 BENGALS @ TITANS 36:16 STEELERS @ TEXANS 43:32 RAMS @ COLTS 51:18 BUCS @ SAINTS 55:22 COMMANDERS @ EAGLES 1:02:43 RAIDERS @ CHARGERS 1:07:20 CARDINALS @ NINERS 1:16:10 BRONCOS @ BEARS 1:21:04 VIKINGS @ PANTHERS 1:25:26 SNF: CHIEFS @ JETS 1:29:40 MNF: SEAHAWKS @ GIANTS 1:33:47
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Why Are The Jets AVOIDING Colin Kaepernick? 🤔
This team has a Super Bowl roster but no QB, and they are actively avoiding an available QB who has taken a team to the Super Bowl.