Vikings news: Adam Thielen unlikely to play against the Broncos
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Adam Thielen unlikely to play against the Broncos

Adam Thielen

Minnesota Vikings superstar wide receiver Adam Thielen is having injury issues this season. Now it appears as though he’s going to miss another game due to it.

The Vikings have won five of their last six games to move to 7-3 on the season. In Week 11, they go up against the 3-6 Denver Broncos.

Although the Broncos’ record is not imposing, they shouldn’t be taken lightly. Denver has a very strong defense, one that can create problems for any offense.

Therefore, Minnesota would definitely be best suited if one of their better players is on the field.

However, the good news for the Vikings is that Thielen is not their only weapon. Stefon Diggs is another superstar receiver, and Dalvin Cook is a star at running back.

Meanwhile, Kirk Cousins has been playing fantastic lately. He proved in Week 10 against the Dallas Cowboys that he does not need Thielen to light up a defense.

Still though, it would not hurt to have him back on the field.

That being said, it’s better to keep Thielen out if he is not healthy. The Vikings are clearly poised to make a deep playoff run. There is no reason to ruin that by bringing back one of your star receivers a little too early just to go up against a team you should be able to compete with anyways.

The Vikings should not take the Broncos lightly, but they also shouldn’t be forcing players back from injury either.

If the Vikings are this unsure about Adam Thielen right now, it’s a safe bet to assume he won’t be playing in Week 11.