Vikings news: GM Rick Spielman denies getting trade calls on veterans
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Vikings GM Rick Spielman denies getting trade calls on veterans

Rick Spielman

Some felt that the Minnesota Vikings could trade off some of their players in the 2019 NFL Draft, and when the team selected tight end Alabama tight end Irv Smith Jr. in the second round, it looked like the writing was on the wall for Kyle Rudolph’s exit.

Not only that, but there was also talk that the Vikings could deal off cornerbacks Xavier Rhodes and Trae Waynes.

But, Minnesota ended up holding on to its veterans. At least for now, anyway.

So, did the Vikings get calls on any of their players during the draft? General manager Rick Spielman says it didn’t happen:

“No, not really, no,” Spielman said, according to Josh Alper of Pro Football Talk. “I would say we didn’t. As I said, most of our day was honed in on this. Most of the calls were us either trying to move up or teams calling us for us to move back. But we had an opportunity, a couple opportunities to move back again, but I said we’re going to run out of players on our board. We should have enough to get what we need to get done.”

That’s kind of an odd response. First, Spielman says “not really,” and then he says, “I would say we didn’t.”

It’s a yes or no question, and Spielman certainly took a roundabout way of trying to say no.

Either way, there is still a possibility the Vikings, who made six trades involving picks during the draft, make some moves the rest of this offseason, so maybe some of those aforementioned veterans will on the move eventually.