What a way for the Minnesota Vikings to rebound from their sorry loss to the Dallas Cowboys in Week 11. Kirk Cousins and the Vikings, who scored just three points in the Cowboys game, were much more lethal Thursday night versus the New England Patriots offensively on their way to a 33-26 victory against a team that has one of the stingiest defenses in the league.

Cousins completed 30 of his 37 passes against the Patriots for 299 yards and three touchdowns with just an interception. Justin Jefferson also completed his lone pass of the contest. That’s 31 of 38 completions for the Vikings, who entered the game third in the NFL with a 64.29 percent completion rate. So good was the Vikings’ offense that they just became the first team to pass that successfully versus New England since 2008, according to ESPN Stats & Info.

“The Vikings completed 81.6% of their passes tonight. That’s the second-highest completion percentage against the Patriots under Bill Belichick. The only game with a higher completion pct. was Sept. 21, 2008 vs the Dolphins, who completed 85.7% of their passes in a 38-13 win.”

To further demonstrate how impressive the Vikings’ passing attack was in that game, consider that Week 12 started with the Patriots carrying a 55.73 percent defensive completion rate — the best in the entire NFL.

Cousins certainly benefited from having an incredibly talented set of weapons downfield. Jefferson was nearly unstoppable, finishing with 130 yards and a touchdown on nine catches and 11 targets. Adam Thielen was 9 for 10 for 61 receiving yards and a TD. TJ Hockenson had 43 receiving yards on five catches and six targets.

The 9-2 Vikings take a well-deserved rest before gearing up for a Week 13 matchup against the New York Jets at home.