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Mike Zimmer reacts to Vikings’ brutal last-second loss to previously winless Lions

Vikings, Mike Zimmer, Lions

The Minnesota Vikings might be in trouble as they were unable to defeat the putrid Detroit Lions on Sunday. They had a chance to win the game but blew it at the very end. Head coach Mike Zimmer reacts to the heartbreaking loss.

According to Chris Tomasson, Mike Zimmer claims, “You play all these close games… That’s just the way the NFL is.” It is true. We’ve seen time and time again the underdog come out with the upset win this year. The NFL playoffs are incredibly tight and the Vikings just happened to be worse than the Lions on Sunday.

At the end of the day though, the Vikings’ future might be a bit fuzzy. This team has the tools to be a legitimate playoff contender in the NFC, but can’t seem to put everything together. There have been rumors of Minnesota potentially searching for a new head coach and this loss to the Lions doesn’t bode well for Zimmer’s tenure with the team.

For now, that is all speculation, as the Vikings still have time to bounce back this year. Even so, they’ve suffered two tough losses in a row, dwindling their playoff hopes even more so. The Lions walk away with a huge win, while Minnesota has to find a way to get back to their winning ways.

We’ll see how the rest of this season plays out, as the Vikings have played multiple close games this year. They’ve had more losses than not, but it’s not like Minnesota is getting continuously blown out. Look for this franchise to potentially get back in the win column in Week 14 as they take on the Pittsburgh Steelers.