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Warriors fans will be disappointed when Klay Thompson returns

Golden State Warriors, Klay Thompson, Stephen Curry, Draymond Green

Every Golden State Warriors fan is holding their breath for the return of Klay Thompson but it seems like their expectations will not be met.

In the preseason, the Warriors have unraveled a potential sharpshooter in Jordan Poole. But needless to say, many are convinced that a Dubs team with Klay Thompson is a completely different story.

As things stand, it has been two years since Thompson played his last NBA game. However, the Warriors saw a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel this offseason when the five-time NBA All-Star finally got cleared to join the team in practice.

Though it is said that it will take several months before Thompson can make a full throttle comeback, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr was already thrilled about it and raved that the Splash Brother’s presence in team practice has given his squad an emotional boost.


As for Thompson’s current form, Kerr divulged that everything has been great and based on his assessment, the “old Klay” is back, per ESPN.

“Klay looked great,” Kerr said. “Shooting the lights out. His team won the daily shooting competition. And he was smiling, laughing, joking around, it was really fun to see the old Klay back.”

“Everyone’s excited that Klay is out on the floor,” the coach added. “He basically did every single thing in practice today. We didn’t scrimmage, we didn’t have any live contact, but Klay is just so happy to be playing and we’re all so happy to see him part of it. So just a really good first day, first couple of days, and good energy as we start to get rolling.”

While the Warriors are brimming with positivity about Thompson’s return heading into the new NBA season. The man himself is more open to reality.

Indeed, a torn ACL is a nightmare for NBA players and it is very understandable that Thompson will not be able to catapult himself back to his lethal form in a snap.

Lifting the lid ahead of his much-awaited NBA comeback, Thompson previously admitted that behind the confidence, a part of him is convinced that he might not be the same three-point marksman he used to be.

“I was playing the best basketball of my life in 2019 when I get hurt,” Thompson told Sirius XM radio via NBC Sports. “I expect to get back there. Not right away just because that was 100 games worth of work and incredible shape. But when I step back on the floor I’m gonna be a very effective player.”

“Maybe not what I was doing shooting the ball like I was, but I will still be really good. And I will just keep going up – and I really believe that,” he pointed out.

The offseason has officially ended and despite the wide array of rumors linking the Warriors to several trades, the team barely even made major changes in their roster.

All told, some report suggests that the Warriors are “serious about going all in on a Spurs-esque model of longevity” by sticking with Thompson, Stephen Curry and Draymond Green.