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Warriors video: Kevin Durant makes red velvet cupcakes with Buzzfeed

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Since he announced his decision to join the Golden State Warriors last summer, Kevin Durant has not been the most liked player in Oklahoma City anymore. Thunder fans felt he betrayed them, and they started to root against him, even calling him “cupcake” for being soft.

However, instead of taking it negatively, the former Thunder star thought of it differently, and even thinks it’s a term of endearment for him. The reigning Finals MVP even took his appreciation for it to a whole new level in Buzzfeed’s video of him making cupcakes.

We made red velvet cupcakes with @kevindurant and @nikebasketball 😍❤️!

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During his earlier days with the Thunder, Kendrick Perkins came up with the term “cupcake” to poke fun at some of their teammates who lack toughness inside the court. It became a joke between him and Russell Westbrook, and when he visited Chesapeake Energy Arena for the first time last season wearing the Dubs jersey, his former fans brought out the cupcakes.

After winning a title last June with the Warriors, Kevin Durant may feel that he is on top of the world now, and could care less what haters call him, as he has vindicated himself with the controversial decision he made a year ago.