Warriors news: 10-year anniversary of legendary Stephen Curry tweet promising fans the team would 'figure it out'
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10-year anniversary of legendary Stephen Curry tweet promising fans that the Warriors would ‘figure it out’

Stephen Curry, Warriors

Ten years ago, then-rookie Stephen Curry promised Golden State Warriors fans that the team would “figure it out.”

It’s a tweet that has definitely aged well. Everyone knows about what the Warriors have done over the last few seasons.

The Dubs went to five straight NBA Finals which resulted in three titles and league dominance. Now, they’re tagged as one of the best teams ever assembled in league history. There was even a time at the beginning of every season that fans believed that the NBA should just give the Warriors the title because they’ll win it all anyway.

From an individual perspective, Curry, too, “figured it out.” The Davidson standout started his professional career as an injury-prone scrawny little kid. His shooting talent was definitely there, but a severe sprain injury in his third year became one of the major setbacks of his career.

Come his sixth year in the league, everything he worked hard for just clicked. He won his first title and was named MVP of the league. And more than tangible achievements, Curry singlehandedly changed the game.

At present, the Warriors and Curry are out of the radar. Their five-year run has officially ended but not a single soul can discredit what they’ve achieved.