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Warriors news: Andre Iguodala calls Draymond Green the worst golfer on team during TNT golf broadcast

Draymond Green Andre Iguodala

After a breezy postseason run, the Golden State Warriors are enjoying their offseason and for Andre Iguodala, that means golf.

The 2015 Finals MVP was asked who was the worst golfer on the team during a TNT broadcast of the PGA championship. After a little pondering out of respect, he finally let it rip.

“Draymond,” said Iguodala, getting some laughter from the commentary team.

But the recently-paid sixth man threw a compliment his way.

Draymond Green is the smartest basketball player I’ve ever played with.”

“The greatest thing about Draymond, is that he is one of the smartest basketball players that I’ve ever been around. He’s up there when it comes to a basketball player and the game comes so easy to him, so you would think he’s athletic, but you watch him throw a football… and he played tight end, but he can’t throw a football — and he can’t hit a baseball, he like whacks at a baseball.”

“Any other sport it just doesn’t transfer for him.”

Sour-patch Andre — first he’s sour, then he’s sweet… then sour again.

Iguodala also showed his chops at the links, doing some chipping practice with pro instructor Michael Breed, learning how to correct his swing and impressively showing his chops.