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Warriors’ Andre Iguodala drills buzzer-beater over Kevin Durant in epic 3Q end

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A big-time buzzer-beater over two past teammates concluded a great third quarter of basketball in the Golden State Warriors vs Brooklyn Nets game as Andre Iguodala of the Warriors drilled a shot right in the face of Nets superstar Kevin Durant. The shot seemed like it had little chance to go in as Durant had it defended well enough that Iguodala had to shoot the ball while falling to his left, regardless, he nailed the shot and the video below is proof:

Even the Warriors Twitter account, which posted the video shown here, had to jump in on the fun with the comment “ANDR3,”

It was a laugher on the court as well, as the Warriors used that three-pointer en route to a 35-point third quarter and an eighteen-point win on the road. Maybe this shot was not the biggest play of the game but it sure was the dagger, as the Nets did not get within 15 points from that point on. The warriors have actually made clowns out of most of their opponents in 2021, as they have the best record in the NBA at 11-2.

Golden State will be a fun team to watch all year, especially when they get Klay Thompson back, but for now, we can all sit back and enjoy a little “iggy nostalgia” as “Andr3” and “KD3” bring us back to the days of the Warriors dynasty.