Warriors news: Andre Iguodala sheds light on medical staff deeming his leg fracture a 'bruise'
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Andre Iguodala sheds light on medical staff deeming his leg fracture a ‘bruise’

Andre Iguodala, Warriors

Andre Iguodala shared a bit of insight to the conundrum the Golden State Warriors faced in the postseason with the unknown state of Kevin Durant’s calf injury.

Durant was thought to have a “mild” calf strain, as the team announced, but was out for 32 days before returning for 12 minutes of Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

Usually a Grade 1 strain would require a player to miss 7-10 days, two weeks at the most — yet Durant sat for triple the expected time of recovery.

Iguodala shared that this training staff has had a habit of purposely sending an inaccurate medical diagnosis, including his own injury, which forced him to miss the last three games of the 2018 Western Conference Finals against the Houston Rockets.

“Last year it happened to me,” said Andre Iguodala in an interview with The Breakfast Club while promoting his autobiography: “The Sixth Man.” “I missed the last three games of the Houston series, it goes to Game 7. We barely get out of that series and people looking at me like ‘when you coming back?’ And I had a fractured leg and it’s being put out there like you got a bone bruise. I’m like ‘no, it’s a fracture.’

“But also I’m fighting with people, fighting with the team, fighting with the media. Then my teammates ask me everyday ‘how you feeling?, how you feeling?’

“So with K[evin Durant], they’re asking him everyday: ‘how you feeling?, how you feeling?’ — not just from the team, but from family and people close to him.”

There had been fear that the Warriors had purposely misdiagnosed Durant full-knowing the gravity of his injury, but chose to reveal a less-severe extent in hopes to gain a competitive advantage and keep teams guessing and game-planning for his potential return.

That theory would coincide by the fact that the Warriors were “always targeting Game 5” of the NBA Finals for his return.

If this is indeed found to be accurate, the league could impose a hefty fine to the Warriors, especially considering that the NBA has a betting partnership, one which was clearly clouded by these inaccuracies.