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Andrew Wiggins explains the difference between Dubs, Timberwolves


Andrew Wiggins finds himself in a new environment as a member of the Golden State Warriors. The former Minnesota Timberwolves talent was traded for D’Angelo Russell. While Warriors fans are worried about Wiggins’ spot on the roster, the 24-year-old forward is looking forward to his stint with the Dubs.

The Athletic’s Anthony Slater and other members of the media asked Wiggins about his thoughts on joining the Warriors. He noted that there is a distinct difference between the two sides. He also noted that he’s eager to be playing with such an elite team.

“We lost a lot in Minnesota. So coming here, being part of a winning culture, it’s different. Losing’s never fun. Being here, you can tell by everyone’s attitude, approach, everything that’s everywhere, they’re winners. That’s something I’ve wanted to be.”

The Warriors badly needed a wing player to make up for the Kevin Durant-sized hole in the roster. While Russell played really well for the Warriors, there was no way he’d be starting over Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. Trading him was always on the cards, but fans were surprised that the Warriors chose to acquire Wiggins instead of the other offers they got for Russell.

Wiggins is having a good season so far. He’s averaging 22.4 points, 5.4 rebounds, and 3.7 assists on 44%/33%/72% shooting splits. He had a solid start to the season, but his form has since gone down to his usual standards. He’s far from the high ceiling that’s placed on him when he was taken in the NBA Draft.

Fans probably won’t know whether Wiggins is a perfect fit for the Warriors until next season when Klay is back in action. Wiggins will be a project for Steve Kerr and the Warriors coaching staff to work on, and fans hope that the gamble to trade for him will pay off.