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Children’s NBA book hilariously has incorrect Klay Thompson fact in it

Klay Thompson

When it comes to publishing something for others to read, whether it be a simple article for a school newspaper or a book that will hit store shelves worldwide, proper editing and fact-checking should be top priorities. For one children’s book about basketball that was printed, apparently, this was not the case regarding a question related to Golden State Warriors star shooting guard Klay Thompson.

According to a recent post on Reddit by user Sam Lytle, his 8-year-old son immediately noticed a glaring error on question No. 8 in the trivia section of his “Basketball Superstars 2018” book that he brought home from school.

“Who scored a record-breaking 52 points in a single quarter in Jauary 2015?” the book asks.

The reader is given three options to work with on this particular question between superstars Stephen Curry of the Warriors, Thompson, and LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

However, there is a big factual error that was printed on this page of the book. Nobody has come close to scoring 52 points in a single quarter, but Thompson still holds the record for the 37 point she scored in the third quarter of a January 2015 game against the Sacramento Kings at Oracle Arena.

Klay’s Magical Night

The 52 points comes from the amount Thompson scored in the entire game, but there is clearly a factual error here that multiple people let sneak by them and allowed it to be published.

Thompson was an absolute savage that night, as he scored 37 of the Warriors’ 41 total points in the third quarter against the Kings.