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Chinese fan tried to make Klay Thompson sign a toaster

Klay Thompson

Earlier his week, one dude out of over a billion Chinese people woke up, stared at his toaster, and decided that one of the reasons God put him on this Earth was to make Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson doodle his autograph in that piece of appliance.

The Warriors were in China on Thursday to play the Minnesota Timberwolves in a preseason game. The Warriors, 111-97, but we’re not really that interested about what led to Golden State’s loss or how many Timberwolves groins Draymond Green gave a roundhouse kick. What we are very much inclined to know is whether Thompson was able to sign the toaster this crazy Chinese fan was waving in front of him.

It is important for us to recall here that last season, a puzzled Klay Thompson was made to sign a toaster. From then on, the Warriors went 31-2 and won the NBA title.

Obviously, this Chinese fan knows his history and probably just would like to enchant the Warriors with good luck, but why give Golden State luck when it already has Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, Green, and Thompson?

Next time, just ask Zaza Pachulia to sign a camcorder.