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Warriors’ David West, Nick Young discuss upcoming free agency

Nick Young, David West

Nick Young has seen a complete change of the spectrum, coming from a young Los Angeles Lakers team to a veteran Golden State Warriors team with championship pedigree.

For starters, the man known as Swaggy P is no longer playing for himself, but for a common goal — a change even he has noticed over time.

“We were playing individually and for ourselves,” Young said of his time with the Lakers, according to Mark Medina of the San Jose Mercury News. “That’s what happens when you’re a young team. Here, the goal is still to win. When you win, everybody gets paid.”

Young was paid the mid-level exception this summer after Draymond Green recruited him to join during the offseason, but it won’t be long until the 6-foot-7 guard tests the free agency waters yet again.

“No matter what, I’ll be somewhere. But winning a championship, I want to feel that,” Young said. “I want to feel the champagne, do the partying and all that good stuff.”

David West, a veteran that had been thought to retire at the end of last season, walking into the sunset with his much-eluded championship trophy finally hoisted above his shoulders. Yet West decided to come back for another run, returning to the Warriors shortly after Shaun Livingston signed his own deal.

He might have to approach that same decision at the end of this approaching postseason.

“The biggest thing for me is with health and making sure my mind is cool,” said the 37-year-old West. “We’re gearing up for a good playoff run. To get yourself there, there has to be a shift.”

West has been the most effective bench player this season, bar-none — and one of the most consistent faces on the court despite an injury-marred season — a testament to his commitment to fitness and preparation.