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Don Nelson grows his own marijuana called ‘Nellie Kush’

Don Nelson

Former NBA head coach Don Nelson appears to be enjoying life in retirement. So much so, that the 79-year-old has decided to take on marijuana farming as his hobby of choice.

Nelson is, of course, using marijuana for medicinal purposes, and he has become so fond of the herbal hallucinogen that he decided to grow his own strain, which he has so aptly named as “Nellie Kush.” This is via JR Radcliffe of Pacific Day News.

Nelson grows his own marijuana, called “Nellie Kush,” entirely for personal use. He has permission to use marijuana for medical reasons, and he said in the interview that he smokes every day.

“You’ve got to treat it like a baby,” Don Nelson said with a laugh. “Water them, you’ve got to have music for them. You’ve got to bless them. It’s a whole process, I’m telling you.”

Nelson has gotten pretty serious about this, and it appears that he has had some success in what is definitely no easy task. Unlike Mike Tyson, though, who is currently building a 418-hectare marijuana resort in California, Nelson’s intentions are solely for his personal use, so a marijuana empire is likely not in the books for the retired coach.

Nelson had a decorated 31-year career as a head coach in the NBA. He won Coach of the Year honors on three separate occasions, and was inducted as one of the Top 10 Coaches in NBA History back in 1997. Nelson retired in 2010 after his second stint with the Golden State Warriors.