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Draymond Green downplays importance of No. 1 seed

Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Draymond Green

As the NBA regular season winds down there is quite the battle taking place for the number one seed in the Western Conference.

After Thursday nights games the Golden State Warriors kept pace with the Houston Rockets and they sit a half game behind them for first place in the Western Conference standings.

As much as the Warriors, of course, want the one seed, they are saying all the right things in terms of not getting it, and they seem prepared to go into the playoffs as the number two seed.

After Thursday night’s win over the San Antonio Spurs, Draymond Green downplayed the importance of having the number one seed.

“It’s not something we really talk about at all. We have been here for a few years now, and we know what it takes to win a championship. I’m not sure there is any series we have ever played in that we didn’t win a road game. If you want to win you have to go on the road and win anyways so we aren’t worried about…Now If I sat and said we don’t care, we don’t want the number one seed I would be lying to you.”

He also talked about how just because they might be without Steph Curry for a little bit doesn’t mean they still can’t get the number one seed.

“Steph’s out it’s over…no, next man up. We have won games without Steph, we have won games without myself and we have won games without Kevin…next man up.”

The Warriors are a confident bunch and it doesn’t seem to be an act. They truly believe that even as the number two seed they can beat the Rockets in the playoffs.