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Draymond Green is the Stephen Curry of defense, per Warriors teammate Juan Toscano-Anderson

Warriors, Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, Juan Toscano-Anderson

After his phenomenal showing on Friday against the Phoenix Suns, Draymond Green got a rather peculiar but sensible comparison to Stephen Curry from his Golden State Warriors teammate Juan Toscano-Anderson.

Green was all over the floor on Friday, anchoring the Warriors’ defense as they get their revenge on the Suns and ended their opponent’s 18-game winning streak. Dray recorded nine points, nine assists, nine rebounds, six blocks and three steals in what is easily his most impactful game of the season.

In his postgame presser, JTA had nothing but high praise for the veteran forward. He also referenced Curry, noting that what Steph has done offensively has the same impact as what Dray has done on defense.

“He is what Steph is offensively,” the Warriors big man shared, per Nick Friedell of ESPN.

Stephen Curry has revolutionized the NBA with his long-range shooting, which is why he is largely considered as the GOAT shooter. As for Draymond Green, while defense is often overlooked, there is no doubt he has had a huge influence as well.

It’s safe to say that Green is the face of small-ball centers in today’s NBA. While he has struggled over the past couple of seasons, it’s clear Green is back to his old, dominating ways on that end of the floor.

While it might be exaggerated to say Green’s defense is on the same level as Curry’s offense–minus the flashiness of course–the Warriors are certainly happy that they have both players on their side.