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Video: Draymond Green praises Joel Embiid’s trash talk

Outside of his impressive all-around game, Draymond Green has infamously made a name for himself as one of the best trash-talkers in the league today. He has also not been shy to be engaged in some fiery exchanges with some players on the court, and even appears to enjoy having them.

With only a few that could match his skills in jawing against opponents, it’s rare for him to give compliments to others who also do the same during games. However, Green acknowledged Joel Embiid’s “barking” after their game on Saturday, even the play where he and Kevin Durant were whistled for a technical foul each. The Golden State Warriors star forward then said that it’s part of the game, and should be something to move on from immediately.

For what it’s worth, Embiid now knows that he has turned heads not only with his production on the court, but also when it comes to trash-talking. It’s definitely not an easy feat to impress Draymond Green with it, but he has earned his respect as well with that facet of the game.

The Warriors ultimately won on the night, 135-114, and extended their winning streak to six games. The Dubs now have a 10-3 record, and are tied with the Houston Rockets at the top of the Western Conference. The Sixers on the other hand, dropped their second consecutive game, and fell to 6-6 for the season.