Warriors news: Draymond Green's recruitment pitch to Kevin Durant, '3 out of 3'
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Draymond Green’s recruitment pitch to Kevin Durant, ‘3 out of 3’

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Kevin Durant’s free agent decision is one that has captured the attention of the media during his third season with the Golden State Warriors. While the two-time Finals MVP has openly admitted to looking forward to a hefty check, teammate Draymond Green has a recruitment pitch that will leave matters simple.

“When that decision comes up, I think we’ll have won three championships,” Draymond Green told Vincent Goodwill of Yahoo Sports. “That’s my recruiting: three out of three.”

Green’s pitch could be an effective one, incentivizing Durant to try and get more while leaving millions on the table, or it could very well backfire, leaving Durant nothing else to achieve as a member of the Warriors, with no imminent challenge ahead.

The Warriors’ former Defensive Player of the Year admitted the team has yet to speak of a three-peat, rather soaking in the process of getting there instead of zoning right into the goal at hand.

“It’s something we don’t acknowledge, though. We don’t come in here saying, ‘We got a chance to three-peat,’” Draymond Green said. “That’s never the conversation. In order to three-peat, you gotta embrace this process. Last year we didn’t.”

“We’ve been under the lights, like really under the lights since 2015,” added Green. “Since then it’s been nonstop and you have to figure out how to remove yourself from that, because it’s exhausting. I really don’t pay much attention to it. And I won’t pay much attention to it.”

Green’s pitch is simple and straight-forward, but Durant’s destination will ultimately depend on what he considers to be his priority after finishing his 12th year in the league. Is it winning? or finally getting the big check that’s eluded him throughout a Hall of Fame-worthy career?