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Warriors’ ESPN game vs. Pelicans will feature special Marvel presentation

Warriors, Pelicans, Marvel

Marvel is coming to the NBA. The May 3rd game between the Golden State Warriors and New Orleans Pelicans is set to feature a Marvel-inspired alternate presentation, according to Alicia Jessop of The Athletic.

After conquering the big screen, Marvel set its sights on television this year, launching new shows on the Disney+ streaming platform such as WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Now, Marvel’s plans for the small screen will continue later this year, and it now includes getting involved with the NBA.

The telecast for the Warriors-Pelicans game will include elements from an original Marvel story as well as characters, with the commentary provided from a customized Marvel-themed studio. With Disney acquiring companies like Marvel and ESPN, it would make sense for them to make unique content offerings for their subscribers.

This is not the first televised game to feature unique content offerings for its broadcast, with a Wild Card game between the New Orleans Saints and Chicago Bears being broadcast on Nickelodeon in a move to reach younger audiences just this past year. It will be interesting to see how a Marvel-inspired NBA broadcast will look, and how different it will be from the usual NBA broadcasts.

The move to feature the Warriors and Pelicans game as part of this new-look broadcast is also another interesting factor. With the Warriors having All-Star guard Stephen Curry and the Pelicans having an All-Star of their own in big man Zion Williamson, the game will likely be an anticipated one and will have a lot of viewers. Besides, Curry’s accuracy and scoring binges and Williamson’s powerful dunks are probably the closest things the NBA has to superpowers.

With the Warriors and Pelicans also fighting to be in the playoffs, the game will be an important one that could have implications for the postseason. With a high-stakes game featuring All-Stars on both teams, this game feels as good as any to be the testing grounds for a new way to broadcast and the latest move in Marvel’s plans for TV.