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Warriors, 202 NBA Mock Draft, James Wiseman

REPORT: Golden State Warriors aren’t high on James Wiseman in the NBA Draft

After the Golden State Warriors landed the No. 2 overall pick in the NBA Draft Lottery, mock drafts started flying. Many included the Warriors taking big man James Wiseman as the next center to play next to Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green.

But according to Warriors Beat Reporter Wes Goldberg, that may not be the case. Goldberg explained on the Locked On Warriors Podcast that his sources indicate that Golden State is not high on Wiseman.

Wes Goldberg: Every mock draft seems to have the Warriors taking him at #2 but my intel from people I talk to is that the Warriors aren’t high on Wiseman. I reported last week that the Warriors are much higher on this class’ guards and wings than they are on this class’ centers, and I still think they’re going to go in that direction.

I’m not anti-James Wiseman in any way, I like his upside. I think that if he’s in the right situation, he could be a good player. I just don’t think his upside is Chris Bosh or Kevin Garnett. I don’t know where these comparisons come from.

It’s not enough to just shoot threes on a few Youtube Clips. His percentages have never been good, he has no established mid-range game, no established three-point game, and all I’m saying is that he’s not Kevin Garnett or Chris Bosh. If that makes me Anti-James Wiseman then I guess I am Anti-James Wiseman, I’m just not as high on him as people in my Twitter Mentions seem to be.

He’s not the next Rudy Gobert, he’s not the next Chris Bosh, he’s not the next Kevin Garnett. That doesn’t mean he can’t be good. He could be the next Mitchell Robinson. That’s a good player. Me personally, I think he’s closer to the next Hassan Whiteside.

Now maybe he’s Hassan Whiteside that doesn’t have an attitude problem. I have no indication that [Wiseman] has an attitude problem.

The NBA Draft was originally set to take place on October 16th, but ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski indicates that it could be pushed back until a later date. So, at least for the next two months, reporters and mock drafts will continue to debate who the Warriors will select with the second overall pick.