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Warriors rookie James Wiseman suffers scary leg injury after awkward fall

Warriors, James Wiseman

Golden State Warriors rookie James Wiseman appears to have suffered a scary leg injury following a botched dunk attempt against the Houston Rockets on Saturday night. Wiseman was able to get up on his own two feet, but he did look shaken up after the play.

Here’s a look at Wiseman landing awkwardly after his dunk attempt was blocked by Houston’s Kenyon Martin Jr. (h/t Warriors on NBCS on Twitter):

Yikes. That landing did not look good. For a second there it looked like his right knee buckled. The Warriors center quickly grabbed his knee as soon as he landed and he was slow to get up.

The good news here is that Wiseman was able to put weight on the knee and he was able to walk it off. He was wincing in pain after the play, though, so there could be more to this than that.

James Wiseman will likely get tests done on his knee after the game and we’re hoping that this is nothing more than just a minor knock for the Warriors’ prized youngster.

This is currently a developing story and more details should come. We will be sure to pass them along as soon as new information is available.