JaVale McGee fails to score on high school star Marvin Bagley III
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Warriors news: JaVale McGee tries to score on high school star Marvin Bagley III and fails miserably

javale mcgee

JaVale McGee may not be in mid-season form just yet after once again nailing the Golden State Warriors’ last roster spot for the second consecutive season, but he sure is in Shaqtin’-A-Fool form in L.A.’s popular Drew League.

The 7-footer tried to show off in front of prep star Marvin Bagley III, stringing different crossover moves against his shorter, more-agile defender, failing to make his way to the cup in time on a desperation spin move.

McGee fumbled with the dribble and had a hard time getting past Bagley, whose spry feet kept in front of the Warriors’ center throughout the duration of the shot-clock.

It’s moments like these that make the Drew League shine, allowing centers like McGee try (and fail miserably) at isolations against younger and better-equipped defenders.

Shaquille O’Neal will have some fun with this, without a doubt.