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Jazz GM Dennis Lindsey reveals NBA’s thoughts on Warriors after 2014-15 dominance

Dennis Lindsey, Jazz, Warriors

Utah Jazz general manager Dennis Lindsey has opened up about the supremacy of the Golden State Warriors after they won a championship in 2015.

Speaking with Adrian Wojnaworski of ESPN, Lindsey compared it to the reign of Tiger Woods in the late 90s to the early 2000s.  The Jazz GM believes that was a time when the whole league felt that the Warriors would win every time.

“Four years ago when Golden State started their dominance it was almost like Tiger Woods. You felt like he was going to win every tournament for a while. I think the whole league felt that way on Golden State.“

Dennis Lindsey’s claims are backed up by the Warriors’ rings. The last three of the four championship trophies are housed in the Dubs’ facility. Their championship run hinges on the shooting prowess of Stephen Curry who bagged two consecutive MVP trophies along the way.

And just as teams thought they have figured them out, the Warriors added Kevin Durant — one of the best offensive talents the league has ever seen — to their already-talented lineup.

Before the 2018-19 campaign, they added another elite caliber player in DeMarcus Cousins.

Despite this, Lindsey believes that the Warriors’ dynasty could be over soon. He cited some statistics to prove his point:

“But the delta between them and the next group of teams — at least based upon the regular season results, point differentials, where we’re at offensively, where we’re at defensively — it looks like it could be a tournament this year.”

The playoffs are just a few months away. Whether or not Lindsey’s words prove prophetic or not — we’ll find out soon enough.