Warriors news: Kevin Durant called Klay Thompson after he suffered torn ACL
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Warriors’ Kevin Durant called Klay Thompson after he suffered torn ACL

Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, Warriors

Throwing back the clock less than 48 hours ago, Klay Thompson had vouched for an injured Kevin Durant, calling him more than just a Splash Brother after the injured forward ruptured his Achilles tendon when hoping to return from a month-long calf injury.

Thompson also posted an inspirational Instagram message prior to Game 6, vowing to “do it for KD.” Following Thompson’s ACL tear in Game 6 of the NBA Finals, it was Durant calling Thompson on FaceTime with a message:

“I heard them talking,” Klay’s father, Mychal Thompson, said of the conversation, according to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne. “But I don’t think they’d want me to divulge it.”

In a devastating chain of events, Durant became the person who could mostly relate to what Thompson was feeling:

“They were encouraging each other to come back strong,” said Mychal Thompson. “They got unfinished business.”

Both Durant and Thompson hit the floor and automatically knew something was wrong. Durant had to be helped off the floor in a mix of sarcastic claps and cheers, while Thompson laid on the hardwood of a dead-silent Oracle Arena, where the Warriors faithful watched one of their favorites walk to the tunnel with the help of his teammates.

Both Durant and Thompson felt the same feeling of leaving the court with unfinished business.

Even if the two are playing for different teams after this summer, it’s sure to say they will be forever united by a postseason to forget, now with an injury process that could make or break the remainder of their respective careers.