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VIDEO: Warriors’ Kevin Durant elbows back of James Harden’s head, both get hurt

Kevin Durant, James Harden, Warriors, Rockets

Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant and Houston Rockets guard James Harden both got hurt after a defensive play by KD in the first quarter of Game 4.

As Durant was going for a block on a Harden layup, he accidentally elbowed the reigning NBA MVP hard in the back of the head. Harden crumpled to the floor and remained supine for an entire defensive possession before the Rockets were able to get the ball back and call timeout.

Meanwhile, Durant was obviously in pain as well, nursing his elbow after the play.

Harden eventually checked out of the game and headed to the locker room, perhaps to address the issue. Durant, on the other hand, ripped off the sleeve on his right hand as the pain in his elbow was clearly bothering him.

Both players are integral to their team’s success, and the two absolutely lit up the scoreboard in the last meeting between the Warriors and Rockets. Harden took over in overtime of Game 3, dropping 7 of his 41 points over the final five minutes of the contest.

Durant, for his part, recorded an absurd stat line of 46 points on 14 of 31 shooting with six assists and three rebounds in a whopping 49 minutes (meaning he only missed 4 minutes in the whole game).

Both players are important for their teams, so we shall see if these injuries linger on for the remainder of the game for each player.