Warriors news: Kevin Durant explains his mindset when it comes to scoring vs. distributing
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Kevin Durant explains his mindset when it comes to scoring vs. distributing

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Kevin Durant has seen his Golden State Warriors thrive in the last four games with him as the primary distributor, averaging eight assists per game in the last four outings. He claims this wasn’t premeditated.

“If I got one shot at the end of the first quarter, it’s how the game plays out. If I got seven assists at the end of the second quarter, it’s just how they play me,” said Durant, according to Anthony Slater of The Athletic. “I’m not looking to go out there to not shoot the ball or shoot too much.”

With the exception of a poor shooting outing against the Minnesota Timberwolves, Durant has shot a combined 22-of-24 from the field in three of his past four games, shooting 83 percent from the floor or better against the Detroit Pistons, Memphis Grizzlies and Charlotte Hornets.

Following some brief rest for their stars, the Warriors deployed a lineup with Stephen Curry as the featured scorer and Durant as the playmaker, something that has translated into a 3-1 record.

During those last four games, Curry has shot 50 percent or better from deep after failing to reach that mark in eight of the prior nine games before his scheduled rest against the Dallas Mavericks.

Whether Durant is doing this intentionally or not, he’s proven to be a chameleon when it comes to his role, doing what it takes to fit the needs of the team, whether it is as a dominant one-on-one scorer or as a capable playmaker.