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Kevin Durant is frustrated by fact that he didn’t create all this attention from spat with Draymond Green


Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant expressed his displeasure from the attention he is getting in because of his recent altercation with teammate Draymond Green.

In an interview with Yahoo Sports, Durant stated that:

“My whole thing is I didn’t create any of this,” he continued. “That’s just my whole thing. I was just playing basketball. Now, I got to answer questions, now I got to talk about this, now I got to feel a way when I was in a great zone playing basketball. … Now, it’s always going to come back. Like, ‘Are they all right? Man, he didn’t play well. Is he going to leave?’ Why do I even have to think about that at this point? … Then it turned into, ‘K.D.’s going to this place, he doesn’t like the Warriors no more. He should go here, he should go there.’ More distractions.”

The confrontation between the two All-Stars resulted in Green’s one game suspensions, and speculations that Durant will leave the Bay Area this summer as he approaches free agency.

The nine-time All-Star and 12 year veteran continues to be one of the league’s brightest stars. He is currently ranked seventh in the  scoring department with 27.2 points per game, per ESPN.com

Green and KD’s confrontation stemmed from their overtime loss against the Clippers last week. The Warriors had the chance to win the game in its dying seconds with the score tied at 106-apiece.

But Green failed to pass the ball to the waiting clutches of Durant, who wanted to take the regulation’s final shot. Instead the former lost possession of the ball as time expired. This allowed the Clippers to take over in the extra period and escape with a 121-116 win.

The Warriors had recently dropped to third place in the Western Conference and have lost five of their last 10 games after a strong 12-1 start.

Their 12-6 record is currently their worst through the first 18 games of the season since 2014.

The six-time NBA champions need to patch things up to be able to maintain their championship form which have been visible in the past four seasons.