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Warriors star Kevin Durant has a loaded comment on why he wants to own a team

kevin durant

Golden State Warriors superstar forward Kevin Durant once again voiced out his desires to eventually own an NBA team once his storied basketball career is over.

Durant was asked whether he would want to be a general manager, and he countered by saying that he wants to own a team. However, he did add some kind of juice to his statement.

Durant was perhaps referring to his skin color with this loaded comment. The two time NBA Finals MVP has been vocal about increasing the number of African-American personnel in the NBA workforce, and has called for more leadership opportunities for them.

Currently, Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan became the first and only majority owner in the NBA of African-American descent when he bought the Charlotte Hornets, formerly the Bobcats, in 2010. With that purchase, he was also the first former player to become a controlling owner of an NBA franchise.

Durant has been expressive of his intentions to follow Jordan’s footsteps and one day own an NBA franchise, which fellow superstar LeBron James is also looking into once he retires. Durant’s desires apparently intensified when he moved to Oakland, which is very near Silicon Valley.

Owning an NBA franchise requires a lot of money, perhaps billions and billions. Durant did previously note that the financials may actually be the hindrance for him.

But it looks like he is already preparing for that as he has sought the guidance of some leaders from the tech giants and has loaded up on his investments in that particular industry over the last couple of years.

Durant and James are probably the two most business-savvy players in the league right now. It would not be a surprise if they do eventually join Jordan as African-American and former players who became majority owners in the NBA. What a loaded selection of NBA legends that would be.