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Warriors’ Kevin Durant trolls Klay Thompson for ugly dunks

klay thompson, kevin durant

Kevin Durant is a big fan of Golden State Warriors teammate Klay Thompson’s game. But there’s one thing the back-to-back Finals MVP simply can’t stand regarding Thompson and those are his dunks.

After the Warriors’ 142-111 destruction of the Denver Nuggets on the road, Durant spoke with the media and expressed how he really felt about Thompson’s above-the-rim exploits.

This game will be remembered for Golden State’s record-setting 51 points in the first quarter. But the contest will also stand out in Klay Thompson’s memory for dunking the ball four times — a career-high.

Apparently, the Warriors were in the zone that almost all kinds of opportunities opened up for the players. The floor was wide open and executing became very easy after breaking the Nuggets early that Thompson had the freedom to venture in a part of his game that’s rarely utilized.

But based on Kevin Durant’s assessment, it doesn’t look like fans will be seeing the former three-point champion participate in the dunk contest.

Klay Thompson was having himself quite a night that even Warriors coach Steve Kerr remarked that his star seemed more excited over this feat than the 14 three-pointers he hit against the Chicago Bulls to set an NBA record.

The former Washington State standout finished the game with 31 points, three rebounds, three steals, and five three-pointers.