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Warriors news: Klay Thompson blames botched 360 dunk on 10.5-foot rim

klay thompson

Klay Thompson made headlines over the offseason after botching a 360 dunk attempt during his promotional tour in China, and while he was unaware of his gaffe going viral in the Twitterverse, he surely had the explanations in his back pocket to excuse his failed attempt.

“I didn’t even realize how viral I was going when I was over there, I didn’t even have the internet,” Thompson told Anthony Slater of The Athletic. “I was kind of out of touch, then I get home and people are like ‘man, seems like you had the best time in China.”

When asked about his epic fail, the Golden State Warriors shooting guard was self-aware that it wasn’t his forte, saving a couple of excuses for the end.

“I didn’t think honestly it was gonna make it to the States,” Thompson admitted. “I was never known as a leaper. I’ll catch you sometimes, I’ve dunked on a few people, but I’ll forever be a shooter. I think that kind of re-established that when I tried to pull off that 360, which I’m good at.”

“It was a long flight. The rim might have been 10-foot-5”

Thompson won’t be asked to make any highlight reels with any 360 dunks, but rather to keep up his 40-plus percent consistency from beyond the arc, which he’s kept throughout his six years in the league.