Warriors news: Klay Thompson voted by players as 11th among guards
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Warriors’ Klay Thompson voted by players as 11th among guards in the West for All-Star Game

klay thompson, Warriors

It might be a surprise to some that Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors was voted by players as 11th among guards in the Western Conference for the All-Star game.

The other half of the Splash Brothers has broken several 3-point shooting records this season, but from the broader perspective of things, Thompson is not having a stellar year.

For one, he’s shooting at a career-low clip from 3-point country at 38.2 percent. This is the first time in his career that he’s shooting below 40 percent from downtown. A look at his game log would reveal that there are some nights when he didn’t make a single 3-pointer.

In a previous interview, Klay Thompson expressed his desire to be selected into the All-Star team. He believes that he deserves it. Especially since he’s one of the reasons why the Warriors have been the team to beat for the last five seasons. But at the same time, Thompson was open to the possibility of not making it.

“I want to be there,” Thompson said after practice Wednesday night, per Connor Letourneau of SF Chronicle. “If we keep winning and we’re in first place, I think I deserve to be there just because our performance the last five years at the top of the standings, that’s not easy.”

“If I don’t make it, it’s not the end of the world,” Thompson said. “I’ll go to the beach and enjoy myself.”

It looks like Thompson will be chilling at the beach, then.