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Wizards’ Kyle Kuzma tells Warriors star Draymond Green to his face that Showtime Lakers would ‘dominate this era’

Draymond Green, Magic Johnson

Washington Wizards stud Kyle Kuzma recently made a guest appearance on The Draymond Green Show, and there were more than a few interesting tidbits in his conversation with the Golden State Warriors star. One in particular that caught a lot of people’s attention pertains to Kuzma talking up the Showtime Lakers from the 1980s.

Kuzma agreed with Green’s take about how “dumb” it is to compare different eras in basketball, which is also in reference to Draymond’s earlier hot take about his Warriors beating Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls. However, Kuz, who himself once dawned the Purple & Gold uniform, was quick to point out how he believes that Magic Johnson and his Showtime Los Angeles Lakers would have absolutely ruled in today’s NBA:

“I believe that the showtime Lakers they would f—–g dominate this era,” Kuzma said. “I was watching Magic [Johnson] in the 80s, he’s higlights like earlier in the summer, people don’t realize he was fast as s–t. No, no, he was fast as hell. He was getting the rebound, [then] up the court in three dribbles. And that’s the NBA now. Right or wrong?”

Let’s not forget the fact that the Warriors are the defending champs and that Green is a member of that same squad. Kuzma clearly believes that the Showtime Lakers would thrive in today’s era, and while he did not say it directly, he did imply that Magic Johnson and Co. would be a formidable foe against Green’s Warriors.

To be fair, it would be a mouthwatering prospect trying to imagine how Draymond Green would try to match up defensively against the great Magic. What a truly awesome sight that would have been.