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Lakers star LeBron James reacts to Stephen Curry exploding for 25 in Warriors 1Q

Stephen Curry Warriors LeBron James Lakers

Stephen Curry was a man possessed in the first quarter against the Los Angeles Clippers. The Golden State Warriors star had everyone impressed – even his longtime adversary LeBron James.

The Los Angeles Lakers star was clearly tuning in to the Warriors-Clippers match just like the rest of us who witnessed Curry go off for 25 points in the first quarter.

LeBron James had to give it up for Steph for going supernova on his crosstown rival Clippers. Curry was immaculate in the opening frame, barely even touching the net for every single shot attempt.

The Warriors star was clearly upset after his first game of the season, where he shot a putrid 5-for-21 from the field. Stephen Curry did a good job of pulling up his shooting percentages with this gem of a quarter along.

Even his point guard competition from around the league couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

While his first quarter run was one for the history books, Warriors fans aren’t surprised to see that Stephen Curry is capable of such a feat. The man is arguably the most combustible superstar that the league has ever seen.

There’s a reason he’s been named to the NBA’s Top 75 all-time list and considered one of the greatest scorers, period. Warriors fans can just sit back and enjoy the ride while he’s still at his peak.