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Mia Khalifa blasts Warriors’ Stephen Curry over foot fetish, but backfires

Mia Khalifa, Stephen Curry

Former adult actress Mia Khalifa didn’t waste time after watching “The View” on CBS last week, trolling Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry through Twitter for his newly announced foot fetish.

Curry’s wife Ayesha went on the set of the popular daytime talk show and decided to take a long-range shot by tagging him in a picture of her size 13s.

Ayesha revealed a photo of her feet during the talk show and gave away her husband’s liking for them, which evolved into a story in itself.

“So this is gonna turn into a whole other thing but my husband really loves my feet,” said Ayesha. “The light was hitting them just right that day. So I was like, ‘Let me snap this photo of my feet.’ So when he says “send nudes” that’s what he’s getting, a picture of my bare feet.”

The internet didn’t take to this kindly after Khalifa used a fake Instagram chat through former NBA player Gilbert Arenas to promote her new show on Complex.

Khalifa even tried to roast Curry last week when his wife’s comments were first aired.

Some began asking “the real questions” after she attempted to troll the two-time MVP.

This quickly backfired on Khalifa, as merciless Twitter went off on her grand size 13s.

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