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Warriors owner Joe Lacob on Patrick McCaw’s absence: ‘I don’t really understand it’

Patrick McCaw, Joe Lacob, Warrior

Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob is just as befuddled as his players are with the absence of Patrick McCaw. The third-year swingman had the chance at two different offers to remain with the team, yet chose not to sign either of them, remaining out of the picture and out of reach to his coaches and teammates.

“I don’t really understand it,” said Lacob, according to Mark Medina of the San Jose Mercury News. “I’m completely befuddles me, I’m at a loss.”

Teammates have been supporting McCaw throughout the entire free agency, but some believe he has been getting poor advice, as he doesn’t have the leverage or the clout to play hard ball with the defending champs.

The two offers are actually generous, given the lack of other offers for his services thus far. In short, McCaw is only wanted by the defending champions, yet he is resisting to play for the only team that wants him.

The Warriors adapted the attitude of next man up shortly after, replacing one “Mc” with another, signing guard/forward combo Alfonzo McKinnie to a two-way deal, only to convert it into a full-fledged two-year minimum deal hours after. Golden State still holds another spot open for McCaw if he chooses to accept the offer, but neither management nor ownership are holding their breath.

“I’d love to see him come back,” said Lacob, “but if he doesn’t, we move on.”

McKinnie is different from McCaw, but has proven to thrive in situations where McCaw doesn’t — aggressively looking for his shot while ensnaring boards and jelling with the team. The Warriors believe McCaw could follow in the footsteps of Andre Iguodala as a reliable defender coming off the bench, but that could only happen if the youngster is willing to play for the team — something yet to be seen.