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WATCH: Paul George’s trash talk to Warriors star Stephen Curry absolutely backfired

Warriors, Paul George, Stephen Curry

Thursday night produced one of the best matchups of the NBA’s opening week as Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry put on a show against the Los Angeles Clippers. Paul George had himself a game as well, but it looks like his attempt to talk smack to Curry backfired on him sensationally.

PG was mic’d up during the contest and he was caught on video talking a bit of trash to the Warriors star during a crucial juncture in the game. It seemed like George was trying to get into Steph’s head, which unsurprisingly, did not work at all:

As seen on the clip above, it was Curry who ended up draining a triple from the logo (well, sort of). It turned out to be a key moment for the Warriors as well as Steph almost single-handedly warded off a valiant comeback effort from the Clippers.

As for Paul George, he probably regrets giving Curry the idea of taking a shot from the logo. As they always say, you better be careful what you wish for. PG learned that first hand on Thursday night as he witnessed yet another spectacular performance from the Warriors superstar.

Curry and Co. are now 2-0 to start the season after also taking down LeBron James and the Lakers on opening night.