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Sonya Curry shares story about Warriors star Stephen Curry ‘that made him who he is’

Steohen Curry, Sonya Curry, Warriors

Golden State Warriors star point guard Stephen Curry is certainly a busy man nowadays. Besides trying to lift his team from a 3-1 deficit in the NBA Finals, Curry also had a show about his life entitled “Stephen Vs. The Game” release on Facebook Watch.

In the first episode of the series, Steph’s mom, Sonya Curry shared an interesting anecdote about his early basketball days. It involves Steph doing something that seems uncommon today: miss a shot with the game on the line. However, the miss became a learning experience and a key point in Curry’s life.

“He was nine years old playing in a 10-and-under age, and they were down by one [point]. [They] threw him the ball, and he could have won it, and he missed the shot. Broke our hearts. Dell said: ‘You didn’t like that feeling did you,” and [Steph] was like, ‘No,’ So he [Dell] said: ‘Now you know what to do then. That made him who he is.”

No matter how good of an athlete someone is, there will always be failures and letdowns. How you recover from these experiences truly defines what kind of a player you will be.

Clearly, Curry recovered well from his missed opportunity. He is now a three-time NBA champion and will go down as the best shooter of all time. The days of being disappointed in a missed shot are now far behind him as he looks to lead the Warriors to yet another championship.