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Warriors’ Stephen Curry hints at bias against Draymond Green after bogus ejection

Draymond Green, Stephen Curry, Warriors ejection

Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green is no stranger to getting technical fouls and complaining to officials during games. But what made his ejection in the Warriors’ 119-104 loss to the New York Knicks unusual was that the second technical foul he received was actually because he yelled at teammate James Wiseman and not at a referee.

Green, who was ejected in the second quarter after picking up his second technical, finished the night with three points and eight assists in 17 minutes. Naturally, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr and Green’s teammates did not agree with the decision made by the officials. One teammate who came to Green’s defense was point guard Steph Curry, who argued that game officials should be able to review ejections in the future after what happened to the three-time All-Star.

But Curry, who led the Dubs with 30 points, three rebounds, four assists, and two steals in the loss, also made the case that Green’s reputation as a player who complains to officials is a factor in how he is officiated in games.

“The reason you’re asking that question is probably because there is a bias,” Curry said, via ESPN’s Nick Friedell. “But that can’t be part of how you officiate the game. We’re all grown men out there, and you have to be able to ref the game that you’re reffing in that moment, so I don’t know if that played a part in how tonight went.”

But the three-time champion floor general also admitted that talking about the technical and ejection after the game wasn’t going to change things and that the team needs to move on from it. Curry, Green, and the Warriors next face the red-hot Utah Jazz, where they hope to get back on the winning track.