Warriors news: The one play that means Stephen Curry wants to bury his opponents' chances
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Stephen Curry hunts for ‘dagger shot’ when opponent is staggering

Stephen Curry

It is no secret that Golden State Warriors superstar point guard Stephen Curry is one of the best shooters the league has ever seen during its illustrious history.

This is so true that it has his star teammates in forwards Draymond Green and Kevin Durant in awe over his killer instinct.

In a well-written feature article by Baxter Holmes of ESPN, Green reiterated that Curry is pretty much the master of taking the opposing team’s soul when they’re staggering with these extremely difficult shots from behind the arc.

“We call it a dagger shot,” Green said of Curry. “It’s the one that takes the energy, it’s the one that takes the heart. And you look, and all of them are just like, ‘Oh my god … this is crazy.’”

Durant added his own take to Curry’s dominance in those types of situations, noting that Curry’s killer instinct is just another factor of what makes him such a fantastic player.

“If he pulls up for a deep 3, that’s him saying, ‘All right, I’m trying to get this s— over with,’” Durant said. “He’s trying to knock you out. He’s trying to end you. That’s what killers do. That’s what mentally strong people do — like psychopaths. Steph wants to stab you in the heart.”

Curry and the defending champion Warriors will look to get back to the NBA Finals for the fourth-consecutive year when they travel to Toyota Center on Monday night to take on the Western Conference’s top-seeded team in the Houston Rockets.