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Warriors news: Stephen Curry on the Cavs-Celtics trade

Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving

The blockbuster Kyrie Irving-Isaiah Thomas trade caught most of the NBA world by surprise. Not Stephen Curry, though. The Golden State Warriors star told Scott Fowler of the Charlotte Observer that nothing in the league surprises him and that those types of blockbuster trades are par for the course in the NBA.

“Nothing in this league surprises me,” Curry said of the recent trade in which Cleveland sent point guard Kyrie Irving to Boston in return for Isaiah Thomas and some other assets. “But there are some things that might be a head-turner. You’re never thinking that coming off three straight Finals appearances (all against Golden State) that they (the Cleveland Cavaliers) would shake up their lineup like that.

“But you go through history,” Curry continued, “you see blockbuster trades. You see trade demands from high-caliber All-Stars and superstars in the league. So it won’t be the first time and won’t be the last time…. When something like that happens, it’s like fireworks. It’s obviously a reflection of how popular the NBA is right now…. It is kind of good for the league that teams are trying to shake things up to try and get better and win championships, because that’s what it’s all about.”

While Curry was correct in pointing out that blockbuster trades like the one involving Irving and Thomas are nothing new, the fact that the top two contenders in the same conference made a move of such magnitude was what made the deal so unique and so unexpected.

Although, once Curry experienced first-hand Kevin Durant’s unprecedented move of joining an already historic team in his Warriors last summer, then you probably wouldn’t blame him for not being surprised by whatever wild things happen in the league anymore.